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Turning of "Resample Curves" in additive layers changes animation movement



Steps to reproduce (or just watch attached gif ):
1. Open users attached project.
2. Open "Test" scene.
3. Enter play mode.
--- Note that character animation runs smoothly.
4. Exit play mode and select animator window.
5. Select second layer "New Layer" (which is additive).
6. In that layer double click "Take 001" state.
7. In recently opened inspector deselect "Resample Curves" and click apply.
8. Enter play mode.
--- Note that this time animation is broken. Animation "Turn" in play mode is different than the original in project folder.

Expected results: Deselecting "Resample Curves" does not break animation movement in play mode.
Actual results: Deselecting "Resample Curves" breaks animation movement in play mode.

Reproduced with: 5.4.0p1
Not reproduced with: 5.3.6f1
Regression introduced in 5.4 version. (Latest 5.4 tested version was 5.4.0b2)

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