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[Timeline] State of the Timeline window does not update when changing branches using PlasticSCM

Package: Timeline


Steps to reproduce:
1. Download and open the project "New Unity ProjectTimeline window locking - retaining incorrect"
2. In PlasticSCM app, create two different branches of the Unity project (main and branch)
3. Double click on the New Timeline asset located in the Assets folder in the Unity Editor
4. Change the duration of the Activation Track by clicking the Active bar and set its Duration to 10
5. Save and open Window > Plastic SCM
6. In the Plastic SCM window, click on Pending changes
7. Enter a Checkin comment and click on Checkin changes and switch back to the Timeline window
8. In the Plastic SCM app, switch the workplace to a different branch
9. Switch back to the Unity Editor and notice the Timeline window

Expected result: The length of the Active bar changes to match the time set in the Duration settings
Actual result: The length of the Active bar does not change to match the time set in the Duration settings

Reproducible with: 1.2.18(2019.4.30f1), 1.4.8(2020.3.17f1), 1.5.6(2021.1.18f1), 1.6.1(2021.2.0b9), 1.6.2(2022.1.0a6)

1. Not reproducible on re-opening Unity or updating the project
2. Zooming in the Timeline window changes the length of the Active bar to match its time set in the Duration settings

  1. Resolution Note (fix version Next 2021.2/1.6 release):

    Fix merged to `main` for the next 1.6 release of Timeline.

  2. Resolution Note (1.5.X):

    No backports for minor issues.

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