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Timeline animation asset won't update



When using a version control system (Git, Collab, etc.) to edit the same project, all edits to an animation track/clip are updated properly when pushing/pulling changes, EXCEPT for keys within a clip or infinite track. The modified keys are not updated as expected.

This is not OS related, can reproduce this issue on Mac->Mac, Windows->Windows and Mac->Windows.
User reported this using Git. I reproduced the same issue using Collab.
Re-importing the Timeline asset, re-loading the scene or project does not fix the issue. Re-loading the project actually discards the update/changes completely.

(Unity instance A)
- create a new project
- create a Cube
- create a Timeline
- create an animation for the cube
- save project
- upload the project to a version control system (ex: Collab)
(Unity instance B)
- open saved project using versin control system in a seperate instance of Unity
note: animation is the same in both instances of the project
(Unity instance A)
- edit/modify key(s) within the existing animation clip
- push edits to version control system
(Unity instance B)
- pull edits from version control system
bug: file is updated, but animation keys have not been updated/modified.
expected: animation keys get updated/modified in Timeline.

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