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[Tilemap] Tile palette gets populated by old tiles if you import new tile while in Edit mode



1. use the tiles provided or a new project with a bunch of isometric tiles
2. select the palette
3. Select 6-7 png and add them to the palette
4. after they get added, click edit
5. erase all the tiles added
6. leave Edit mode on
7. choose to add 1 single tile(.png) to the palette
8. notice now that all the previously deleted tiles get added as well

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  1. 2590471458b28bda14d39a33e9a7971b?d=mm


    Nov 15, 2019 08:22

    If you are finding stuff more in baking then you can reduce with these instructions. If anyone is using this blog then this link will help everyone in producing more ideas that will be of great interest.

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