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Tilemap Grid object gets deselected and prevents further painting when painting with a custom Prefab Brush



How to reproduce:
1. Open the user-submitted project ("Builder Bash")
2. In the Hierarchy window select the "Grid" object
3. In the Tilemap Window select the "Terrain Prefab Brush" and select the Brush Tool
4. In the Scene View attempt to paint tiles while holding the mouse 1 button

Expected result: The tiles are drawn continuously without any issues
Actual result: A null Reference error is thrown and the Grid is deselected, preventing the tiles from being painted on further

Reproduced in: 2019.1.0a11, 2018.3.0f2, 2018.3.0b8
Not reproducible in: 2018.3.0b7, 2018.3.0b1
Couldn't test with: 2018.3.0a11, 2018.2.19f1 (Older versions break the Hierarchy objects)

Error thrown:
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
UnityEditor.PrefabPaletteBrush.Paint (UnityEngine.GridLayout grid, UnityEngine.GameObject brushTarget, Vector3Int position) <...>

Fixed in 2019.2.0a1
Backported to 2018.3.4f1, 2019.1.0a15

Comments (2)

  1. 1b340484b9d37bab433ff41968e32f45?d=mm


    Dec 23, 2018 17:20

    I have this issue with 2018.3.0f2

    I also cant find a way to fix this on my own.

  2. 015c901695a241184438e76199b2e541?d=mm


    Dec 11, 2018 09:11

    Also experiencing this in 2018.3.0f1

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