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There is a refresh prompt even when there are no new Cloud projects available when Unity Hub is opened



How to reproduce:
1. Open Unity Hub
2. Be signed in

Reproducible with: Unity Hub 2.0.0-beta.3
Not reproducible with: Unity Hub 1.6.1

Actual results: every time Unity Hub is opened there is a warning "New cloud projects are available, hit refresh to add them in the projects list" even though nothing changed
Expected results: this warning should only be present if there are new Collaborate projects, or any changes.

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    Resolution Note (fix version ):

    No longer reproducible on Hub v2.1

Comments (4)

  1. E39b643ae02add70cd33315f2a40b06e?d=mm


    Aug 21, 2019 10:21

    Still happening in Unity Hub 2.1.0
    I have three cloud projects: one is installed on my computer and the rest are not. All have been opened the last time with different Unity versions that are not installed in my computer any more (I uninstalled them)

  2. Ff0c5c2a2016acde63eda3faf832cc97?d=mm


    Jul 27, 2019 15:10

    Having same issue in Unity Hub 2.0.4

  3. 4508f33f8a5ab6bcf62fdd3e2469b812?d=mm


    Jul 25, 2019 07:22

    Also with Hub 2.0.4

  4. 147755b1b4b1bf4f3a681620032d7ebf?d=mm


    Jun 05, 2019 09:06

    Same thing in Unity Hub 2.0.1

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