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The Graphics title in the Project Settings window is overlapped and/or overlapping with other settings



To reproduce:

* Create a new Project and open it in Unity;
* Open the "Project Settings" window;
* Open the "Graphics window;
* Expand the "Tier Settings" subwindow;

Expected result: All settings text are nice and readable
Actual result: The "Graphics" title starts overlapping other settings names and/or becomes overlapped

* Resizing the window does not solve this issue, but sometimes even worsens it, to that point when the "Tier Settings" doesn't require to be expanded;
* The "Graphics" title overlaps all settings and vice versa except the "Tier Settings" which overlaps the "Graphics" title;
* It seems that this issue appears when the "Project Settings" window becomes more scrollable - for example, increase the size of the "Always Included Shaders" list to the 50 or more;
* Tested on Mac Intel;

Reproducible in Unity 2023.1.0a22
Not reproducible in Unity 2023.1.0a21
Regression in Unity 2023.1.0a22

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.1.0b1):

    Verified on:

    Revision: trunk 88c7b636347d
    Built: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 15:27:20 GMT

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