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The first Keyboard Input is Ignored and stored for later when renaming Assets causing all Keyboard Inputs to become mixed



To reproduce:

1. Download the attached project "New Unity" and open it in Unity
2. In Project view create a Folder or another Asset
3. Try to change its name

Expected Results: You can easily change Asset name and Unity Editor correctly detects Keyboard Input
Actual Results: First Keyboard Input is Ignored and Stored for later causing Asset renaming to become mixed

- This issue only happens on macOS systems
- For example, if you press the "L" key on Keyboard, it becomes ignored, then if you press another Key like the "Delete", in Unity Editor you can see that the "L" symbol is printed, then you can press for example the "A" key and observe that the "L" symbol is deleted and if you press then Key like the "T" or another key, you can see that the "A" symbol is printed.
- Its sounds like the first Input is ignored and stored for later causing all Keyboard Inputs to become mixed

Reproducible on Unity 2021.2.0b17 and 2022.1.0a13
Not reproducible on Unity 2021.1.27f1, 2021.2.0b16 and 2022.1.0a12
Regression on Unity 2021.2.0b17 and 2022.1.0a13

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.1):

    Fixed in: 2022.1.0a14

    Recent Mac Metal editor change delayed frame updates by 1, affecting keyboard input lag - this is now fixed.

  2. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.2):

    Fixed in: 2021.2.2f1

    Recent Mac Metal editor change delayed frame updates by 1, affecting keyboard input lag - this is now fixed.

Comments (44)

  1. Timmehh9

    Nov 09, 2021 01:35

    This def still not fixed. editor updates are still a frame behind. Mouse moment, click, or keystroke are still required to make editor update visually with latest changes.

  2. Thalwegg

    Nov 09, 2021 01:19

    The bug is not fixed in 2021.2.1f1

  3. laxersaz

    Nov 08, 2021 20:02

    This is still an issue today (November 08) on 2021.2.1f1 <Metal>. Also, the whole editor is very sluggish (MacOS Monterey, Intel, 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 16 GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X).

  4. dreadelus

    Nov 07, 2021 13:51

    The bug still persist after 2021.2.1f1

  5. collenti

    Nov 06, 2021 22:07

    Using an Intel iMac. I had to migrate my project back to 2020.1.0f1. As best as I can tell, in addition to being slow, keyboard mappings are incorrect.

  6. FrailQuail

    Nov 06, 2021 17:15

    I'll use the inspector to input variables and will have a 1 letter not appear until I select somewhere else on the screen. Using 2021.2.1f1

  7. bab202

    Nov 06, 2021 05:52

    We both know that this issue is so critical but may be there are reason for Unity team did not fix this soon, may be it relate to many other components in the Editor. Hope this issue can be fix as soon as possible. Cheers!

  8. MoreFoam

    Nov 06, 2021 04:55

    Neither this release, nor the LTS release is working properly on the new MBP's.... I will continuously scream into my pillow until this is fixed. The life of my beautiful, luscious voice is in your hands

  9. laffan

    Nov 06, 2021 03:14

    This is still not fixed in 2021.2.1f1. ( MBP, Mid 2015, i7)

  10. MartinParadis1970

    Nov 06, 2021 00:36

    No this is not fixed for 2021.2.1f !!!! Do you understand this is a crucial bugs for people here ? When I used to work there, everyone had MacBook Pro. Why this bug did not receive more attention, this is unbelievable.

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