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The amount of mesh trees being rendered does not change when changing the Max Mesh Trees value



Steps to reproduce :

- create a new project
- create a terrain and a tree
- in the terrain component open the Place Tree option
- add the tree
- select Mass Place Trees
- in the settings panel of the terrain change the max mesh trees value and notice that it does not change the amount of mesh trees being rendered

*Note :
Regression from 4.2.

Comments (32)

  1. Dreamora

    Mar 03, 2014 12:09

    Basing on the performance profiling I and others did, the only workaround is to go back to a pre 4.3 version as it seems to be caused by the switch to a new version of its Umbra integration that seems to handle more than it used to and part of it obviously with bad performance unless you bake occlusion culling data which is pro only and impossible for outdoor until Unity Editor is 64bit to even bake meshes for oclusion calculations for outdoor scenarios.

  2. SketchWork

    Feb 24, 2014 11:31

    Is there a work around for this at all?

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