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[Textures] CubemapArray API forces duplicate code because you cannot access individual cubemaps directly



Steps to repro:
1. create a new project
2. create a new script
3. in the script, create 1x Cubemap and 1x CubemapArray objects
4. make a function which does something with a Cubemap argument (for example, call GetPixels on the given Cubemap)
5. make a loop from 0 to cubemaparray.count
6. inside the loop, attempt to call the function which operates on a single Cubemap, on a Cubemap from the CubemapArray

Expected: you can use the same logic on a CubemapArray element, or an individual Cubemap
Actual: you must duplicate the code with slight changes, depending if you are passing a CubemapArray or Cubemap

Repro: 2020.2.0a20

- this is not a true bug, but a UX issue and likely needs a new feature to solve
- Proposed solution is something like a .GetCubemapAtIndex API or [ ] operator or implement IEnumerable on the CubemapArray to give access to each Cubemap individually
- See

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