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Texture2D.alphaIsTransparency API is editor-only but lives in UnityEngine.dll



-e: Using Texture2D.alphaIsTransparency in a script causes the build to fail with the following error:

error CS1061: Type `UnityEngine.Texture2D' does not contain a definition for `alphaIsTransparency' and no extension method `alphaIsTransparency' of type `UnityEngine.Texture2D' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

* Open attached example project.
* Go to File > Build Settings
* Select PC, Mac & Linux Standalone
* Select Target Platform "Windows x86"
* Press Build
* NOTICE the build fails.

Using Texture2D.alphaIsTransparency should not break a build.
If this is intended to be an editor-only method, consider moving it in to UnityEditor.dll.

Update: This setting is available only in the Editor scripts. Note that changing this setting will have no effect; it must be enabled in TextureImporter instead.

Comments (13)

  1. 08df242c936c9dbb38dbf2058d6d4813?d=mm


    Aug 30, 2016 07:04

    This can also be reproduced on OSX 10.8 and Unity 5.4.0

  2. 7fe85c953b8b602a000c78b4a36419dd?d=mm


    Nov 07, 2015 02:18

    To be clear, I would prefer to have this functionality available at run time outside of the editor. I cannot guarantee that loaded images will be preprocessed and the alphaIsTransparency apply works much faster than anything I can write in C#.

  3. 7fe85c953b8b602a000c78b4a36419dd?d=mm


    Nov 06, 2015 07:15

    How else can someone apply alphaIsTransparency to a runtime loaded PNG?

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