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[Texture Sheet] Particles using Texture Sheet Animations loop back to first frame before they dissapear



Particle Systems using texture sheet animations often loop back and display the first frame before they die.

Repro steps:
1. Open Particles scene from attached project
2. Select Particle System from hierarchy and simulate the system in the scene view.
3. Observe how after reaching "4" (last frame), the particle goes back to "1" before it dissapears.
3b. If it doesn't happen at the first try, play it again. Typically 2-3 plays tops would show the issue.

Expected outcome: particle to end at end frame.

- the issue is quite apparent with explosions, as they start out quite bright (see attached gif)
- workaround would be to manually clip the time so the last frame is displayed and held before the end of the particle lifetime.
- not a regression, appears in 5.3.1f1

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