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Switching to Vulkan crashes editor

Graphics - General


RPs tested: URP, HDRP, Standard (Occurs in all three)

Version tested: 2020.1.0a12, 2019.3.0b10, 2019.2.8f1

Does not occur on 2019.2.8f1!

My theory: it's gpu related, as I have AMD Radeon VII and it does not happen on any Nvidia GTX machines.

Windows 10
Intel Xeon W-2145
AMD Radeon VII

Steps to reproduce:

1) Open any project
2) Switch to Vulkan in Player settings
3) Observe that it tries to reload the editor but crashes
4) Try opening the project again. No luck

Bonus issue:

If you build the project with Vulkan and force it via command line it will crash

1) Add Vulkan to graphics API but don't switch to it
2) Build the project
3) Run it with -force-vulkan flat
4) Observe the crash

(attaching player.log)

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