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[LightProbes] Switching light probes does not update them at runtime.

Global Illumination


Switching Lightprobes does not updated them in runtime. When loading Lightmaps and Lightprobe data via script for some reason the probes are not updated, thus Dynamic game objects don't receive proper lighting. Static objects are updated as expected. There is no Console errors or warnings and the users scripts seems to be correct.

To reproduce:

1. Open project (attached to this description).

Note: You will see the scene with current baked Lighting (Image: "Example1.png"). These Lighting data is located in the "_main" folder.

2. Enter play mode and Lighting data from "Resources" folder will be loaded to Lighting settings.

Note: You can see that static game objects receive a baked green Directional light effect, but dynamic game objects stay the same (no lighting changes)
(Image: "Example2.png").


1. Change Directional Light color to something different.
2. Lighting -> Scene -> Build.
3. Drop baked Lighting data to another folder (for example "Resources").
4. Select Manager game object in the Hierarchy.
5. Under "Scene Conditions Manager" script drag and drop baked Lightmaps to there slots: "Lightmap Dir" and "Lightmap Light". (Image: "Slots.png")
6. Go to menu toolbar -> Tools -> RealVR and click "Copy Light probe data to conditions manager".
7. In Condition name slot write "TestMap" (same as starting condition in manager script) and press create. This will save all the Lightprobe data for the current Lighting settings.
8. Change Directional Light color to something different again (to better observe the effect).
9. Lighting -> Scene -> Build.


LightprobeDuplicator.cs - Manu Item to save lightprobe data of the current lighting bake.
SceneConditionManager.cs - Loads saved Lighting data. Depends on script "SphericalHarmonicsExtensions.cs".
SphericalHarmonicsExtensions.cs - Receives saved lightprobe data. Depends on script "SerializableSphericalHarmonic.cs".

Now by entering play mode you can test the bug with new baked Lighting.

Reproduces with: 5.5.1p4; 5.6.0b9; 5.6.0b10;
(Older versions (5.3 & 5.4) treat lighting differently).

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    Resolution Note:

    SerializableSphericalHarmonic, the container used to copy and transfer Lightprobe SH coefficients from one bake to another scene, is using private fields to store the SH coefficients. However, as the documentation states ( "When Unity serializes your scripts, it will only serialize public fields."

    Therefore, after going into play mode, the serialized data (which wasn't actually serialized) is all black. This can be fixed in two ways: Either make all the fields in SerializableSphericalHarmonic public, or use SerializeField to force serialization on private members.

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