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[Stripping] 'Could not produce class with ID 111' and crash in ActivateAwakeRecursivelyInternal()



How to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Build to iOS and run
3. Click "Open Test Scene" in device
- Wait a few seconds for it to load
4. Click "Remove Roulette" in device
- Project crashes at this point
- Does not crash when Stripping is disabled

- Reproduced in Version 5.4.0b11 (323b0238353b), Version 5.2.4f1 (98095704e6fe)

- Won't Fix: Asset bundles and code stripping don't play nicely together in any current versions of Unity. If an engine code type is used only in an asset bundle, and not in any scene that present at build time, then stripping will remove the engine code type, and an error like this will occur. We're working to correct this in a future version of Unity (likely 5.5), but the fix is pretty involved, so it cannot be back ported.

A few options are available to work around this issue.

1. The Strip Engine Code option can be disabled

2. If one would like to keep stripping enabled, a dummy game object an be added to any scene present in the build which includes the component that is missing at runtime. A list of the components is available here: In this case, we see the error: "Could not produce class with ID 111" in the Xcode output when this project runs. ID 111 corresponds to the Animation component. So working around this problem can be done by adding a GameObject to MainScene in the attached project, and add an Animation component to that GameObject.

Neither work around is really ideal, but until we ship the improved interaction between asset bundles and code stripping, these are the best options we have available.

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