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[Lightmap] Static Batching and AssetBundle-Export shift Lightmap-UVs

Global Illumination


1) Open the scene "SourceScene". Note that this scene uses a lightmap where all transparent pixels have been colored red. Please don't re-bake the lightmap, otherwise the bugs won't be visible.
2) Export the scene into an AssetBundle using the "Build/AssetBundle" menu.
3) Open the scene "TargetScene" and enter play mode.
4) Press the "Load" button in the Game-UI
5) After loading the scene from the AssetBundle, the game camera should be focused on a scene-part where the UV-shift is most visible. Please compare the placement and size of the red borders along the road with the original mesh in the "SourceScene".

6) Please also take a look at the screenshots "NoStaticBatching.png" and "StaticBatchingAndBundling.png" for a more extreme case from our production-scene.

Reproduced: 5.0.1p2, 5.0.1p3

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