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[Stadia] Flickering/green dots appear after splash screen



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project ("1351700.7z")
2. Build and run the project to the Stadia platform

Expected result: After the splash screen game menu is displayed
Actual result: After splash screen flickering/green dots appear (see "2jqWKFRKM4.mp4" video)

Reproducible with: 2019.4.30f1
Could not test with: 2020.3.18f1, 2021.1.20f1, 2021.2.0b9, 2022.1.0a7 (build and editor errors)

  1. Resolution Note (2022.1.X):

    We won't be fixing this issue. We currently do not do anything special when the camera is disabled, we just show the last backbuffer but internally the driver might just show garbage if we don't specifically try to read the buffer and load it. This is extra work we will need to do when there are no active cameras in the scene and it seems like an edge case that we will need to put in extra code which will run every frame just to detect it. After discussion with the team have decided to not fix this issue and developers can just have an active camera in the scene instead.

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