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SRP-specific outputs get destructively removed if the required SRP is not installed

Package: Visual Effect Graph


Repro steps:
1. Import the attached VFX (CrossPipelineVFX.vfx) into a project which has only URP or only HDRP
2. Observe the output belonging to the missing SRP gets destructively removed and console errors appear.

Expected outcome:
- Graying out (like in ShaderGraph) or some other form of non-destructive disabling of the output with the missing SRP.

Console errors:
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
UnityEditor.ProfilerWindow.SaveViewSettings () (at <8680bdc539b14157939f0726fa551f93>:0)
UnityEditor.ProfilerWindow.OnDisable () (at <8680bdc539b14157939f0726fa551f93>:0)
IConnectionState was not Disposed! Please make sure to call Dispose in OnDisable of the EditorWindow in which it was used.
UnityEditor.Networking.PlayerConnection.GeneralConnectionState:Finalize ()

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  1. obaidmalik1244

    Jan 25, 2022 18:48

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  2. obaidmalik1244

    Jan 25, 2022 18:47

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