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Collab: Downloading projects blocked when cloud project has \Packages\manifest.json.meta file in repo w/ 2018.x



Some of the project on the QA Project Share org can not be loaded.

- Get accecc to the QA Project Share Org
- Try loading up the [FTP] WenRequst project
- Notice that, after a while loading, the project is completely empty

there is a workaround: Opening the services->Collab window makes the Collab context refresh and you can pull the project of Collab after that.
does not happen with all of our Collab projects, but it happens quite consistently for some.

Update: the [UseCase] Material has a similar issue.
I get this error in the console:
[Collab] Delete failed:
C:/prototypes/[UseCases] Material/Packages/manifest.json.meta

Issue does not happen in 2017.3 0f3

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