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Snapshot screenshots take up an unreasonable amount of memory

Package: Memory Profiler


Reproduction steps:
1. Create a new project and install the Memory Profiler package
2. Enter Play mode
3. Open the Memory Profiler (Window > Analysis > Memory Profiler)
4. Click "Capture"
5. Select the Snapshot in the Snapshot Panel and observe memory usage in Activity Monitor or Task Manager

Expected result: The screenshots are compressed so they take up less memory
Actual result: The screenshots aren't compressed and take up too much memory

Reproducible with: 0.4.4-preview.2 (2022.2.0a5), 0.5.0-preview.1 (2019.4.36f1, 2020.3.29f1, 2021.2.12f1, 2022.1.0b9, 2022.2.0a5)

  1. Resolution Note:

    Requires feature assessment - potential overlap with snapshot opening workflow changes

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