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[Shuriken] ParticleSystem added via AddComponent uses pink error shader and different default values in stand-alone



ParticleSystem added via gameObject.AddComponent<ParticleSystem>(); displays pink error shader in stand-alone player. They also don't inherit the default settings (maxParticles, startLifetime, etc.)

Repro steps:
1. Open AddComponent scene from attached project
2. Press play and observe usual particle system behavior.
3. Build stand-alone player and launch it.
4. Observe particle system shoots only 1 particle and it's using the error shader.

Expected outcome: particles in stand-alone player to display as they do in editor and to use the same default shader.

- Issue is present in 5.3.1f1
- Looks like many (all?) variables are set to 0 / null in stand-alone player.
- As a workaround, user has to manually set all particle properties (material, size, count, etc.)

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