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[Shuriken] Particle collider stretches only according to its size on x axis



Steps to reproduce:

1. Download and import attached project. EDIT: (
2. Open scene: main
3. Select and simulate particle system in editor.
4. Notice that particle collider (visualization) is much smaller than the particle.

Expected result: It should not be smaller.
Actual result: Particles collider stretches only from changing size on x, changing y and z does not affect collider at all.

Reproduced on 5.4.0b3

- Enabling separate axes and then disabling it prevents the particles from uniformly resizing. (Shuriken_SeparateAxes_1.gif)
- Setting max value on Y or Z does resize the particles; it looks like maybe the curves themselves are not working? (view attached project)
- As mentioned, Y and Z axes don't work (Shuriken_SeparateAxes_2.gif)

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