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Shortcut Manager - The blue highlight disappears from the currently selected category when a command is selected



When you select a command in a category, the blue highlight will disappear from the category currently selected. There is still a highlight on the category, but it's super hard to see with the pro skin because of the background color of the panel.

This is a regression in 2019.1.0a12. Until this point the blue highlight was always present in the categories column. If we can't keep that blue highlight there, then the background color of the categories column should be changed so you can easily see what category is selected.

1. Install Unity
2. Launch Unity
3. Create a new project with any settings
4. Go to Edit > Shortcuts
5. Select any Category
6. Select any Command

Expected Result:
The Category remains highlighted and the highlight can be clearly seen.

Actual Result:
The blue highlight disappears, leaving behind a very subtle highlight that can't be seen very well when using the pro skin.

Occurs on:

Does not occur on:

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