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[Shape][Mesh Renderer] "Use Mesh Colors" does not update automatically when the mesh material / vertex colors are changed



Use mesh colors does not update the particle color when the mesh colors have changed.

Repro steps:
1. Open ParticleBug scene from attached project.
2. Press play.
3. Observe the colors of the two particle systems.
3.1 The mesh color particles match the mesh color, the vertex color one is still white.
4. Change the material color of box inside the mesh particle system.
5. Observe how the particle color does not update.
6. Toggle Use Mesh Colors on both particle systems and observe how they now match the respective colors of their meshes.

Expected outcome: Changes in the mesh vertex or material colors to update the particle color.

- not a regression, new-ish feature, happens in Version 5.3.2f1 (e87ab445ead0)
- workaround would be to manually refresh the color by toggling "use mesh colors"

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