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[Shadergraph] Virtual Texture "Layer Reference" name doesn't sanitize pasted inputs

Package: Shader Graph


Repro steps:
1. Create a shadergraph
2. Create a virtual texture
3. Copy and paste a word with an invalid symbol (such as an exclamation point or a space) into the "Layer Reference" space in the virtual texture options in the node settings in the graph inspector

Expected result: the pasted string is sanitized
Actual result: the pasted string makes it in with invalid characters, the graph breaks, and although errors show up in the graph, no errors show up in console, making the problem difficult to debug (this is why I chose severity 2)

On top of fixing the bug, it should be looked into why no errors were printed to console, which in and of itself is a bug. Whatever caused that should also be fixed.

Related doc ticket:

  1. Resolution Note (fix version f7196971fa955d71839d5f18496351e3ad48a7c9):

    Layer reference name is now sanitized using our hlsl sanitizing rules. Also fixed name collisions checking the display name instead of the reference name.

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