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[Shadergraph] Opening and closing dropdowns in the searcher shifts your position strangely

Package: Shader Graph


Reproduces in SRP packaged with Version: 2021.2.0b1.3029

Repro steps:

1. Open the searcher
2. Click the "Input" dropdown
3. Scroll down one notch with the scroll wheel
4. Click the "Texture" dropdown
5. Scroll down one notch with the scroll wheel, then up one notch
6. Close the "Texture" dropdown
7. Scroll down one notch
8. Attempt to scroll up one notch

Expected result: the searcher does not change positions when opening and closing dropdowns
Actual result: the searcher changes positions every time a dropdown is open or closed, in a way that is very annoying. The annoying behavior will happen throughout the listed steps but at the end of them, the "artistic" and "channel" sections will be off the top of the searcher and scrolling up will not work.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 12.x.x):

    Fixed in Version: 2022.1.0a2.310

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