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Shadergraph: Multiply node with matrix plugged into both inputs won't expand/collapse preview



Notes: reproduces in 7.0.1 release, 7.1.1 release, and 8.0.0 github project (eca116d0f3)
Does not reproduce on 6.9.1 release.

Repro steps:
1. Use a project with Universal RP
2. Create a shadergraph
3. Inside the shadergraph, create two 2x2 matrix nodes (works with any combination of matrix nodes) and a multiply node
4. Plug each matrix node into an input of the multiply node
5. Click the up arrow above the preview of the node to expand/collapse it. Do this multiple times.
Expected result: you should be able to expand/collapse the preview as many times as you want
Actual result: expanding/collapsing the preview only works once, or not at all.

Notes: no errors are generated by this.

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    Too low priority to fix

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