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Shader Graph - Slider Node doesn't refresh when values are changed

Package: Shader Graph


If you modify any of the input fields in a Slider Node, it won't refresh to reflect the new values until the graph is reopened. Occurs if:

- You modify the slider value field (caret doesn't update)
- You modify the Min or Max fields (caret and value fields don't update)

1. Install Unity
2. Open the attached project
3. Open Assets/TestGraph.shadergraph
4. Input a different value in the value field of the Slider Node

Expected Result:
The slider caret position should update to reflect the new value.

Actual Result:
The position of the caret does not update.

Tested on Windows.

Occurs on 2019.1.0a11 with package version 5.2.1 and 5.2.0

Does not occur on 2018.3.0b12 with package version 4.3.0-preview

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