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SGICE004 Error when using GenerateAuthoringComponent

Package: Entity Component System - Bugs


{quote}When using Unity LTS21 and Entities 0.51, even making a Tag `IComponentData`, `GenerateAuthoringComponent` crashes the DOTS compiler and shows roughly this in the error log:

Code (txt):
error SGICE004: Seeing this error indicates a bug in the dots compiler. We'd appreciate a bug report (About->Report a Bug...). Thnx! <3 System.IO.IOException: Cannot create '\{ProjectPath}\Temp\GeneratedCode\Assembly-CSharp' because a file or directory with the same name already exists.
Example code that breaks the compiler:

Code (CSharp):
using Unity.Entities;
public struct PlayerTag :IComponentData \{ }

  1. Resolution Note:

    We are focusing on resolving issues in 1.0 pre-release.

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