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Selection pop-up windows are not focused when opened



How to reproduce:
1. Open user's attached project
2. Select the "Image" GameObject
3. In the Inspector press Add Component
4. When dropdown is opened enter any text
5. Click outside the window
6. Repeat 3 and 5 steps (Might take from 10 to 50 times to repeat it)

Expected result: The entered text is selected and the window is focused
Actual result: The entered text is not selected and the window is not focused

Reproducible with: 2019.3.5f1, 2019.3.14f1
Not reproducible with: 2017.4.40f1, 2018.4.23f1, 2019.3.4f1, 2020.1.0b9, 2020.2.0a11

Note: This issue is also repro on other selection windows (Sprite, Material).

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    Resolution Note (fix version 2020.1):

    Fixed in: 2020.1.0a1

Comments (10)

  1. A746a1b19bb6778f7d0fc4f12312187e?d=mm


    Apr 15, 2021 13:07

    Happens in 2020.2.f1 . This is not fixed. Why is there not a way to rise awareness of non fixed issues?

  2. 9cb78ccc78ba8a1be0828db4adb4cdbc?d=mm


    Oct 19, 2020 20:57

    It is still there in 2020.2.0b6.

  3. 367da484cdd97a54212469469ce68d59?d=mm


    Sep 11, 2020 21:51

    This is still not resolved. I have tried every version since 2019.4.1 LTS. Currently, I have tried 2019.4.10 LTS. This issue is causing me so much headache and frustration. I really hope that it will be fixed soon, as it is incredibly discouraging to use the editor.

  4. Eca7d1f5075326dda59b94e368c936d2?d=mm


    Aug 18, 2020 00:02

    I too want to report that I am getting this bug in 2019.4.1f1 Personal edition. I hope they do plan to include this fix in 2019 as part of part Long Term Support.

    On an other note, I have tried the workaround FiveGames has suggested and so far, it does seam to be helping, thank you!

  5. Ce4c50ca66df91d6a3851768dec307a3?d=mm


    Aug 01, 2020 19:08

    I can't use gradients, slice my sprites, create new tile palettes, on 2019.4, a huge chunk of features are completely unusable, this should be high priority.

  6. C1add2ff230213b25de9d56e8f77b97b?d=mm


    Jul 22, 2020 22:55

    I too am getting this in 2019.4.1f1

  7. 367da484cdd97a54212469469ce68d59?d=mm


    Jun 29, 2020 21:43

    I'm now on Unity 2019.4.1 LTS, and I am still running into this issue, it seems to be getting worse as my project becomes bigger.

    It is very frustrating and disappointing.

  8. 31b1c20e5168001902d5234006186ec4?d=mm


    Jun 06, 2020 22:23

    Unable to vote on this issue, since it's already been marked as resolved. But why is this not listed as having a fix planned for 2019.3?

  9. D1607352de2382e04bf2506035407f15?d=mm


    May 29, 2020 10:48

    If anyone is suffering from this bug, I think I found a "workaround" solution.

    Edit -> preferences -> general -> "interaction mode" change "default" with "Monitor Refresh Rate" (close and open Unity) for me the bug will happen 1/50 times instead of 4/5 times which is a great improvement.

    p.s: I want to vote for it, if the issue is not solved in the last stable version I think is important to keep the votes until is "really" solved in the last stable production environments.

    p.s 2: A report button (spam) for the comments in the issue tracker would be great

  10. 8d8886055e566b8b7d0bb0fb33968382?d=mm


    May 27, 2020 14:35

    upgrde to latest veriosn might solve your problem buddy

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