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Selecting a child object of a Tilemap is very slow

Package: 2D Tilemap


- download this project
- open cats_test_scene
- in the scene Hierachy, select the Background object
- in the child of that object called Walkable (a tilemap), there are 2 bunnies
- try to switch between the Bunny and the Bunny baby
- for me, it takes a few seconds for the selection to work and the secene to update

  1. Resolution Note:

    Performance regression fixed in: 2022.1.0a12.1571

    Workaround for versions without the fix:
    The problem performance problem stems from using a Prefab instance with a Tilemap that contains a lot of modifications.
    While Prefabs with Tilemaps is not in itself a problem, a Tilemap contains a lot of data and every single changed tile is individually saved in the scene as modifications to the prefab. In the example, there is almost 90.000 modifications to the Prefab instance in the scene.

    To work around the problem you can do:
    - Often apply the modifications to the Prefab
    - Unpack the prefab
    - Only do small adjustments to the Prefab Instance

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