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Scrollbar stops velocity of 'Scroll Rect' unexpectedly



Reproduction Steps:
1. Open User's project
2. Run "TestScene"
-Note: "Scrollbar On" should be activated, therefore greyed.
3. Try pulling it up and down with your mouse.
4. Make it scroll down/up till the end by dragging quickly and releasing mouse button before it hits it
5. Notice that it stops instantly when it reaches the end
6. Click "Scrollbar Off"
7. Try 3 and 4 steps again
8. Notice that it does not stop at the end and goes a bit further and then comes back elastically

Note: There is User's provided GIF showing the issue.

Expected: Same behaviour with and without Scrollbar.

Reproduced in versions: Unity 5.2.4f1, 5.3.4p5, 5.3.5.p2, 5.3.5p3, 5.4.0b20, 5.4.0b21.

Comments (5)

  1. jubaq

    Aug 12, 2020 05:21

    Great piece of information is given by the unity developers about scrolling the scroll bar down and resist speed. The unity has found a new issue tracker from and it stops the velocity of scroll react unexpectedly.

  2. pineda100

    Feb 16, 2017 17:04

    Seems that i can't edit my comment.

    Here is the correct code, observed a few issues in the previous one.

    Note that the issue is not observed when scrollbars are not assigned to scrollrect. This is a Script to workaround the issue temporarily, by not assigning the scrollbar to the scroll rect, But to update the scrollbar functionality manually.

  3. pineda100

    Feb 16, 2017 16:30

    Same issue is observed.

    Here's a pastebin of a script i wrote to manually use scrollbars.

  4. JanusAnderson

    Nov 14, 2016 16:07

    I see that this has 'workaround is possible' marked - what is the workaround other than removing the scroll bar? I really need a solution to this if anyone has one.

  5. MPM

    Aug 17, 2016 10:36

    Easy reproduction from scratch (5.4.0f3) :
    - Create new 2D Project
    - Create ScrollView: GameObject > UI > Scroll View
    - Set Scroll View transform position to 0 , 0
    - Set Deceleration Rate to 1 in Scroll View "Scroll Rect"
    - In Scroll View/Viewport/Content set height to 3000

    Push Play and Scroll Vertically by dragging the content like we do on a touch screen (do not use the scroll bar): the scrolling stops for no reason.
    This happens in Editor and on Android build.

    Two notes:
    1. It occurs above a certain value for the content height (it depends from the scrollview height)
    2. Setting the vertical Scrollbar to "none" in the "Scroll Rect" script "solve" the issue (but you'd need to set some visual content in Content to see that by yourself)

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