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Scrollbar has some UX issues



The Northstar vision for scrollbars has the scrollbars only appearing when needed on hover and focus. In the current build we “emulated” this look with none of the fancy UX to make it hide/show. We did this by making the gutter trough color behind the scroll the same color as the panel background. We also removed the up and down arrows at the top and bottom of the arrows to reduce clutter.

1. It turns out the arrows are needed for slow scrolling through long lists and click scrolling to go a single line at a time.
2. Bug: Currently clicking on the trough does nothing. It should move the scroll up or down towards the click.

3. Objects dragged into a window can not be dropped into the trough area and there is no feedback that the area is not part of the window.

4. When hovering over the trough area objects highlight but clicking does nothing.

5. Middle click should be added for PC users. Currently there is no way to pan without clicking the scrollbar.


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