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[Scripting] Input Action loses callback functions after re-enabled.

Package: Input System



1. Download attached asset package "EnableTest"
2. Download package and project at:
3. Use existing scene or create a new one, import the asset package into the project
4. Attach the C# script "EnableEventTest" to any gameobject, then attach InputAction, "TestControls", to the script
5. Enter Play Mode
6. Press 1 on keyboard, and some messages appear in the Console
7. Press 2, and the Action for 1 is disabled. Press 2 again to re-enable the 1 Action.
8. Press 1 now

Actual: The callback function bond to Input Action is lost after the Action is disabled and re-enabled again.

Note: In the C# script "EnableEventTest", "OnSecondPerformed" function, un-comment the three lines of code. This will rebind the callback functions to the first action before it is re-enabled. But they still won't be fired.

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