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[Scripting] Input Action fails to re-enable after disabled.

Package: Input System



1. Download package and project:
2. Download attached script
3. Attach the script to any gameobject in any game scene
4. Enter Playmode and press any key on keyboard
5. Observe Console window shows message about Action disabled then enabled.
6. Try press any key again on keyboard
7. (Optional) observe the Input Debugger window for active Actions

Actual: After re-enable an Input Action, it stops working.

Note: I thought this was the same issue as 1140861. It's not.

Comments (2)

  1. F4cf77b3618ccb539570acd6d55f0476?d=mm


    Apr 25, 2019 03:47

    I have added the following comment to the original issue on github.

    I have noticed that my sample code functions correctly with the latest codebase from the develop branch, i.e. commit d6d3d3285ea0d6f3690aa8f3f5b8ed2b64ec2a35.
    (N.B. this issue is still present in the stable 0.2.8-preview)

    However, if I add an interaction to the action constructor, e.g.

    action = new InputAction("Any button press", "<Gamepad>/<Button>", "Press");
    action = new InputAction("Any button press", "<Gamepad>/<Button>", "tap");

    then the action seems to become functional after delay of a second or so, after being enabled.
    So it's certainly an improvement, but still persisting.

  2. 9d39fd75d4fca7630f95b1cada52e3da?d=mm


    Apr 22, 2019 09:35

    Hey guys - I just ran into the same issue but found a workaround. Maybe this will help someone.

    Try using a RenderTexture as the target. An easy way to handle this is to link the RenderTexture to a RawImage. When you create the RenderTexture, in the RenderTextureDescriptor,
    set: desc.sRGB = false;
    I'm also trying to re-enable after disable from here
    Good luck!

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