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[SceneView]Can't select objects in scene view without dragging around it

Scene/Game View


To reproduce:
1) Open attached project and the scene inside of it
2) Try selecting any object in scene view by clicking on it. Notice that such selecting doesn't work
3) Change project to gamma mode (edit -> project settings -> player -> Rendering -> Color Space
4) Resize scene view slightly to get proper repaint
5) Try picking. Should work now.

Comments (36)

  1. Pherim

    Mar 21, 2016 13:48

    Ok, I had just experienced the same issue for the first time, after updating to 5.3.4. and after all the solutions I found didn't work for me I began deleting objects from the affected scene one by one and found that it worked again after I deleted the water plane. It was the WaterProDaytime prefab from the standard assets. Specifically, the water script component causes the issue. Disabling it makes objects clickable again.

  2. tachyon-particle

    Mar 21, 2016 11:11

    This is still happening in "5.3.4" and "5.3.3", and the solution provided does not fix it.

  3. clintone

    Mar 21, 2016 07:59

    I have this same issue in unity 5.3.4 but the solution you provided does not fix anything for me, it only happens in the one project too

  4. Shturmovik

    Mar 16, 2016 14:27

    And still happening in 5.3.4

  5. Toba

    Mar 14, 2016 02:00

    Still happening in 5.3.3 in which was supposed to be already fixed.

  6. Tergiet

    Sep 18, 2015 13:23

    I was about to report the same problem and then found yours. But I had not found a solution other than creating a new project. Thank you very much for offering a temporary solution until the fix is live. Changing the color space and resizing scene view works like a charm.

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