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SceneManager.GetSceneByBuildIndex returns a Scene that contains no information

Scene Management


Calling SceneManager.GetSceneByBuildIndex returns a Scene struct with no (or almost none) data.

To Reproduce:
1) Download the project and open any of the scenes
2) Enter playmode and look at the console
3) Note that the debug logs show the name of the active scene, but not that of scenes retrived from build settings

Regression checked to 2017.3 - appears to have always behaved this way.


Previously assumed this was limited to - Doesn't appear to be the case. Therefore run the most recent repro project uploaded as it contains better logging.

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    Resolution Note:

    According to documentation ( )
    "This method [SceneManager.GetSceneByBuildIndex] will return a valid Scene if a Scene has been added to the build settings at the given build index AND the Scene is loaded. If it has not been loaded yet the SceneManager cannot return a valid Scene. "

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