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Scene/Game view is flickering to fully black after moving viewpoint when Volumetric Clouds are enabled

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


Steps to repro:
1. Open the attached project and "EveningB" scene;
2. In the Package Manager install latest available HDRP package build fom the latest master branch;
3. In the Scene view move the view point;
4. Observe the scene view.

Expected result:
The rendering in the Scene and Game view is stable.

Actual result:
Scene view window is flickering to full black. See attached video.
Workaround is to either disable Volumetric clouds in HDRP global settings or enable "Camera Stop NaNs" option in the Scene view Camera settings (under HD Render Pipeline section).
Regression introduced in-between Versions 2020.3 and 2022.1.

- Reproducible in Version 2022.1.0a15, HDRP 13.1.1 (e1ff7943120238563732e7d5e75e97764f820d62);
- Reproducible on Windows;
- Not reproducible when Volumetric Clouds are disabled in the global HDRP settings file;
- NanTracker debug view mode shows Volumetric Clouds as a faulty material, causing NaNs (see attached screenshots);
- Black rendering is also reproducible in Standalone player;
- Cannot repro in HDRP SampleScene; this is pretty much likely project-specific bug.

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  1. ysundawa

    Dec 31, 2021 02:53

    Yes I am experiencing the same issue, about to find for a solution for it

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