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Roslyn Source Generator generates a class multiple times



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached 'Roslyn Code Gen Test' project
2. Add the 'TestCodeGen.dll' to the project
3. Observe the 'TestCodeGen.dll' in the Inspector
4. Add the 'RoslynAnalyzer' Asset Label to the 'TestCodeGen.dll'
5. Wait for the script compilation to complete

Expected result: No warnings are in the Console
Actual result: Warning CS0436 appears in the Console

Reproducible with: 2021.3.1f1, 2022.1.0b16, 2022.2.0a13
Could not test with: 2019.4.38f1, 2020.3.34f1 (Assembly 'Assets/TestCodeGen.dll' will not be loaded due to errors)

Full warning:
Assets/HelloFromSourceGenerator.cs(10,16): warning CS0436: The type 'ExampleSourceGenerated' in 'TestCodeGen/ExampleSourceGenerator.ExampleSourceGenerator/exampleSourceGenerator.cs' conflicts with the imported type 'ExampleSourceGenerated' in 'Unity.PlasticSCM.Editor, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. Using the type defined in 'TestCodeGen/ExampleSourceGenerator.ExampleSourceGenerator/exampleSourceGenerator.cs'.

  1. Resolution Note:

    By design, however, we will improve the documentations to explain why this is happening.

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