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Fixed in Unity 2017.3.0f3



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rootTransform != NULL assert followed by a crash when undoing/redoing

Scene Management



Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 1Crash, freeze, data loss, work stops

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create new scene and add cube
2. Add Rigidbody
3. Drag cube to make a prefab
4. Remove Rigidbody from prefab
5. In scene select prefab instance and add Rigidbody
6. Press Apply
7. Hold undo shortcut (cmd +z) to perform all possible undo sequence and notice rootTransform != NULL assertion is hit
8. Hold redo shortcut (cmd +shift + z) to perform all possible redo sequence and notice that cube gets duplicated
9. Perform step 7 again ant Unity should crash. If it does not - repeat steps 7 - 8 for a few times until it does

Reproduced with: 5.4.3p2, 5.4.4p4, 5.5.2p1, 5.6.0b10, 2017.1.0a1
Not reproducible: 5.4.0p2 (though assert is still thrown)

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