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Postponed means that the issue was either a feature request or something that requires major refactoring on our side. Since that makes the issue not actionable in the close future we choose to close it as Postponed and add it on our internal roadmaps and technical debt pages instead.


Postponed in 5.6.X



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Rigidbody starts bouncing or falls through the ground when center of mass is offset from the pivot



Steps to reproduce:

1) Download and open project "".
2) Play "Main Scene" .
3) Select "Offset Cube Parent" in Hierarchy and press on GUILayout button "Drop" in Inspector.

Expected result: Rigidbody "Offset Cube Parent" should not bounce and fall through the ground.

Actual result: Rigidbody "Offset Cube Parent" bounces or falls through the ground.

Note: Press "Drop" button again if its not bouncing after it lands.
Sometimes in 5.3.x versions it falls through the ground.
In 5.4.x versions falls through the ground every time.

  1. Resolution Note:

    Fixed in PhysX 3.4

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