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Fixed in Unity 5.2.0



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Unity does not render UI images into RenderTextures




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 2Core functionality majorly impacted

How to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Open scene bug_example.unity
3. Play the scene
- A checkmark should show up on screen
- It does not show up, however
- That's a paddlin

Comments (8)

  1. 69dade1e49e0e1cf9794ebd7d9ac600d?d=mm


    Mar 20, 2017 10:30

    I m also seeing it in 5.5

  2. Fd0c7906e6659c9c3ea2e5c787bcade2?d=mm


    Feb 05, 2017 16:13

    Well this issue is obviously not fixed in 5.3.5f1. Does any one know if this is fixed in a newer version or if there is a simple work around?

  3. 9202ca1595d4614bb94637aec5a4169a?d=mm


    Jul 12, 2016 10:36

    I don't understand - people are reporting that it's broken 5.3.4 and status is "fixed in 5.2"?
    I have the same error in 5.3.5f1

  4. 168008a0e035fb239657f7ae6efa2d1e?d=mm


    Jun 03, 2016 00:08

    This issue was working in 5.2.4f1, but is broken again in 5.3.4p6

  5. D6db99bf42c233ffa4f1860d62721a9a?d=mm


    Nov 07, 2015 06:02

    This is a world space canvas that is missing in a rendertexture blit in 5.2.2f1. Is it true that I'll have to wait until 5.3.0?

  6. 666883f2676596130be878ff0a540aba?d=mm


    Oct 20, 2015 14:12

    Hi there. I'm curious to know if it's out already since I'm experiencing a similar problem. Many thanks.

  7. 056e09771ec95d2a86a96a32019d5ce0?d=mm


    Sep 14, 2015 08:18

    I received a support mail that it will only be included in 5.3.0
    If the fix is ready, is it possible to get this particular one into an upcoming patch release? (Our game has serious glitches on Nexus 6, for example, and the responsible bugs has been fixed in other Unity updates which we can't use because this bug breaks our game.)

  8. 056e09771ec95d2a86a96a32019d5ce0?d=mm


    Aug 17, 2015 08:30

    Hi! If it has been fixed already, is it possible to know when it will be put in a patch or which release will contain this fix? We couldn't update Unity since 5.0.1f1 because this bug breaks our game. We would like to know for which update cycle could we schedule a Unity update (and finally get the other bugfixes and improvements).

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