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RectTransofrm resets it's coordinates to zero when selecting "Apply" on prefab even if no changes were made



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project "";
2. Open scene "bug_reproduction.unity";
3. Select 'Model/Presentation/Canvas/Panel' in Hierarchy window;
4. Click 'Apply' in Inspector;

Expected behavior: as nothing was changed, the position of prefab should not change.
Actual behavior: The position coordinates are changed to zero after applying.

Reproducible on: 2017.3.0b5, 2017.3.0b7.
Not reproducible on: 2017.1.2p2, 2017.2.0p1, 2018.1.a2.

Comments (18)

  1. 56a05fc7080f0fea1250eb6fffc464ab?d=mm


    Apr 07, 2020 09:28

    Is it possible to fix it on 2017? Every LTS has this issue in "known issues" :/

  2. Aa8a962aaea7ae1e696465a8eaef4c21?d=mm


    Feb 21, 2020 08:27

    We cannot update LTS 2017.4 since release 32 because of this bug.
    Can you fix it, please?

  3. A1ad18003f657e79933f5925938dea0d?d=mm


    Dec 07, 2019 16:28

    LTS 3 and 35 of 2017.4 the bug is back and known issue. When it will be fixed?

  4. Af3b6fac81e646f876ad6cb5bee1e1c9?d=mm


    Aug 07, 2018 07:32

    For those who for some reason (for example bugs in newer versions...) cannot upgrade, there is a workaround that worked in my case: after clicking apply and the UI getting messed up, hit undo (ctrl+z), and then apply again. The second time it doesn't get messed up.

  5. 1c400fe6034fc7c97d672d05b4765c10?d=mm


    Apr 25, 2018 14:55

    This is not fixed

  6. 628341e78edf75bc5dfd162da960eb96?d=mm


    Mar 27, 2018 02:59

    Please reopen. This is still not fixed in Unity 2017.3.1f1. It has seriously affected our work.

  7. 0b662d880fef0a47c16cf65ec5dbe34d?d=mm


    Mar 23, 2018 20:27

    This is still not fixed in Unity 2017.3.1f1.
    It is quite frustrating, are there any work arounds?

  8. Cf2be981ee8cc0339f386d6abf5cbf53?d=mm


    Mar 05, 2018 15:35

    Problem is still actual!
    Unity 2018.1.0b9 and Unity 2018.1.0b8

  9. Efb7db6ec251a3c7acf3665270988a7a?d=mm


    Feb 16, 2018 16:42

    Problem is actual.
    Please reopen.
    Unity 2017.3.0f3

  10. 6bfcefbb81dc645b24b391dd9af181e8?d=mm


    Feb 14, 2018 11:03

    2017.3 still unusable due to this currently unfixed bug. 2 days work lost so far.

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