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Fixed in 2021.3.28f1, 2022.3.3f1, 2023.1.1f1, 2023.2.0a12



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[Quest][URP] Enabling post processing on a camera when it's disabled on the URP settings forces rendering into an intermediate texture



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached Project “BugRepro”
2. Open Assets/crime scene
3. Inside the Assets folder there is a URP Asset, Disable Anti Aliasing (MSAA) in its Quality dropdown menu
4. In that same folder there is a Universal Renderer Data Asset, disable Post-processing on it
5. In the Hierarchy window select PlayerController > OVRCameraRig > TrackingSpace > CenterEyeAnchor
6. Open Window > Analysis > Frame Debugger and Enable it
7. Inside Frame Debugger select “DrawOpaqueObjects”
8. Observe its RenderTarget
9. Select the “CenterEyeAnchor” and disable Post Processing inside the Inspector window, under “Rendering” settings
10. Observe the Frame Debugger

Expected result: Having Post Processing enabled on the camera, will show the RenderTarget of “DrawOpaqueObjects” as <No name> in the Frame Debugger
Actual result: RenderTarget is _CameraColorAttachmentA

Reproducible with: 2020.3.46f1, 2021.3.21f1, 2022.2.12f1, 2023.1.0b9, 2023.2.0a8

Reproducible on: macOS 12.6 (Intel)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.2.0a12):

    URP: Fixed redundant blit is used due to postFX, although it is disabled in rendererData.

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