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[PLM] Overall intensity mismatch with Enlighten

Progressive Lightmapper


On advisory boards and forums, some users complained about the overall intensity mismatch across Enlighten and Unity. This bug report aims to isolate the issue.

Default intensity and falloff of baked point lights and spotlights of Progressive Lightmapper don't match with Enlighten. A small repro scene is shared in the project.

Reproduction steps for brightness difference across Enlighten and Progressive Lightmapper:
1) Download the project and open the scene "TestIntensity"
2) Bake the scene with Enlighten
3) Bake the scene with Progressive Lightmapper
4) Observe the intensity difference between different backends

One more scene is shared in this project to observe the difference betweeen Enlighten and Progressive Lightmapper. If you open `TestShadows` scene, you can click on `LightMode` asset in the project and toggle between Baked and Realtime lights. Then, you can switch between Enlighten and Progressive Lightmapper. This scene should ideally be used to determine the brightness difference when light modes feature is implemented.

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