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Property order is inconsistent between TL & AW

Package: Timeline


The property list in the Timeline in-line curves are ordered differently than in the Animation Window property list.

AW: predefined order based on component/property stack in the Inspector (ex: transform order, then component properties… in stack order)… expected.
TL: order in which they are animated… is consistent and un-expected (see attached screenshot image)

- create a Timeline
- create an Animation track for the camera (drop camera in TL)
- set track in Rec mode
- animate the following properties in this order...
--Camera FOV
- compare animated property lists in Timeline vs. Animation Window (see attached screenshot image)...
bug: Timeline lists properties in the order they were animated.
expected: Timeline should order the properties exactly like the AW. This is inconsistent and confusing, especially when using both tools simultaneously. project & PropertyOrder scene for an example of the inconsistent result.

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