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Profile Analyzer - Marker Summary - Count Values aren't sorted descending

Package: Profile Analyzer


Profile Analyzer - Marker Summary - Count Values are sorted descending

In the Profile Analyzer when you set the Marker Columns to a something with counts (such as 'Count Totals') it doesn't look to list the Top X number in the Marker Summary section in descending order. I also think because of this it's not actually showing you the true top 10

1. Open Profile Analyzer
2. Load attached pdata file
3. Set Marker Coloumns to 'Count Totals'
4. Order Columns by 'Count'
5. Select 'TextRendering.Cleanup in the marker table
6. In Marker Summary set the number of frames to 10
7. Notice they are not listed in decending order

I think this also isn't showing the actual top 10

8. Select 'UpdateRendererBoundingVolumes' in the marker table
9. Notice it shows the top 10 as all '89' values
10. Look at the histogram chart below
11. Notice it shows a value in the 90 to 92 range

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 1.0.1):

    Ordering on Frame Counts now working correctly

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