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Post Processing produces a dark screen in WebGL builds when opened on MacOS M3 or iOS devices

Package: PostProcessing


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached “ASDQWE” project
2. Build the Player (File > Build And Run)
3. Observe the Player

Expected result: A model is visible
Actual result: No model is visible

Reproducible with: 3.2.2 (2021.3.19f1), 3.4.0 (2022.3.17f1)

Reproducible on: Safari 17.4 browser and MacOS Sonoma 14.4 (M3),  iPhone 15 Pro, Windows 10 (user’s)
Not reproducible on: MacOS Sonoma 14.3.1 (Intel), (M1), (M2), MacOS Mini (Intel)

- Not reproducible on Arc MacOS Sonoma 14.4 (M3)
- Intel MacOS device was tested with Firefox, Chrome, Safari; M1, and M2 on the Safari browser
- The issue was not reproduced locally by CQA

Comments (3)

  1. a-bottosso

    Jul 08, 2024 15:01

    Same here, please fix this

  2. leezak5555

    Jul 05, 2024 13:24

    Bump. Some games cannot remove color grading option. Developers out there are losing a lot of players because apple M3 devices see a black screen. This needs to be fixed urgently.

  3. Sirodzhiddin

    Jun 05, 2024 10:54

    I also encountered this problem. Having studied it in detail, I found out that the problem was in Color Grading. By turning off this option, the picture appeared.

    _volume.profile.TryGetSettings(out _colorGrading); = active;

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