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[3d Extras] [Post-Processing] Package version in editor manifest(2.1.4) doesn't match the latest verified package version(2.1.7)

Post Processing


In 3d with Extras template, as of 2019.3.0b7, the latest verified version of the Post-Processing package is 2.1.7. The latest version included in the editor manifest however is 2.1.4. The editor manifest should be updated whenever a new version of the verified package is released.

1. Open Unity
2. Create a new project with 3D with extras template
3. Go to the menu bar and select Window > Package Manger
4. Find the Post-Processing package and inspect it

Expected Result:
The version of the package added to the project is marked as verified in Package Manager.

Actual Result:
The package version added to the project does not match the version marked verified in Package Manager.

Tested on Windows.

Occurs on 2019.3, 2020.1

With the post processing version shipped with the template now (2.1.4), when you build the template for Android the background is all black and the images is all fuzzy
if you update the package, all this is fixed. Can we please update the version shipped with the template so that first time users can get the best possible experience?

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