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Post Processing don't work on build and output null error in log

Package: PostProcessing


Creating post processing layer and camera is throwing a null ref.

Repo Steps:
1. Open the attatched project
2. Load 'TestScene'
3. Build and run

Expected results: The game runs with the bloom effect that it had in the editor
Actual results: There is a null ref and the bloom(and all ppv2 effects) fails to run

Note: This seeminly happens as they setup a new camera with post processing via API. On the camera, a script called 'CameraClose' L68 sets up a new post processing layer on teh camera and disables the existing one, if you comment out lines 68-71 the issue goes away. Interestingly this doesnt repo in the editor, so there must be some editmode resource loading that happens when adding a post process layer that doesnt execute in standalone.

  1. Resolution Note:

    As described in the documentation, you need to bind the resource asset to the post process layer or it won't be able to find the post process shaders. See the additional notes here:

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